1 Sep, 2019

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is an important topic in our industry for many reasons, but most importantly, for its ability to greatly improve the flow of a producing well. This Tip of the Month discusses hydraulic fracturing with a focus on why we do it, fracture mechanics and factors that influence fracture geometry.

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26 Aug, 2019

2020 Training Schedule

View the 2020 training schedule for all our course listings, dates, locations and more! Accelerate your career with the training you need.

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23 Aug, 2019

PetroSkills at the GPA Europe Spring Conference

Read about Kindra Snow-McGregor and Malcolm Harrison's contributions to the GPA Europe Spring Conference at the Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam.

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9 Aug, 2019

PetroSkills Training in Blackpool

Browse all the upcoming oil and gas training sessions at this scenic location!

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1 Aug, 2019

A Primer on LNG - What Is It, Where Does It Fit, and the New Kid on the Block

This Tip of the Month provides current day insight into the international LNG trade. Learn about LNG properties, how international Natural Gas trade and LNG are related and the newest LNG producer growing in leaps and bounds.

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