eLearning Libraries

Enterprise-wide eLearning for Operations and Maintenance Personnel

ePilot™ Learning Libraries allow you to incorporate effective elearning into your development programs with hundreds of courses and thousands of hours of industry-validated content. Proven instructional design methodology and advanced web technology provide effective knowledge transfer for learners.

Develop a More Resilient and Skilled Workforce

The ePilot™ elearning libraries enable companies to start using well-balanced industry-driven content immediately without having to develop their own. Enterprise subscriptions include unlimited access to all e-learning modules in a library, from EHS to technical skills and unit operations.

Identify & Bridge Knowledge Gaps

With pre- and post-assessments so that you can track, report, and remediate any training gaps.

Assure Competency & Compliance

Develop an enterprise-wide training standard with attention to site-specific requirements.

Download Complete e-Learning Catalogs