14 Feb, 2014

PetroSkills and the Houston Gas Processing Association present Technical Overview of Gas Processing

We have worked with the Houston Gas Processing Association (HGPA) to offer several sessions, the most recent of which was on February 12, 2014. The session was full with over 30 people in attendance to hear Ajey Chandra speak on the topic, "Technical Overview of Gas Processing."

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11 Feb, 2014

Acid Gas-Water Content

This post goes over the acid gas-water phase behavior system. Specifically, different methods of predicting water content of acid gas systems are evaluated based on experimental data from the literature. Water content diagrams compatible with the experimental data for pure CO2, Pure H2S, pure CH4 and their mixtures are generated and presented. These charts can be used for facility type calculations and trouble shooting.

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6 Jan, 2014

PetroSkills Acquires Resource Development Company, LLC

PetroSkills announced today that it has acquired Resource Development Company, LLC (RDC™) of Birmingham, Michigan. The acquisition of RDC significantly expands the range of products and services available to members of the PetroSkills Alliance and to PetroSkills customers worldwide.

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16 Dec, 2013

Estimating TEG Vaporization Losses in TEG Dehydration Unit

In this Tip of The Month (TOTM), the effect of striping gas rate and triethylene glycol (TEG) circulation ratio on the TEG vaporization loss from the regenerator top and contactor top is investigated. Specifically, this study focuses on the variation of TEG vaporization losses with reboiler pressure, TEG circulation ratio and stripping gas rate. By performing a rigorous computer simulation of TEG regeneration at reboiler pressures of 110.3 kPaa (16 psia) and 524.1 kPaa (76 psia), several charts for quick estimation of TEG vaporization losses from regenerator top and contactor, which are needed for facilities type calculations are developed. In addition, the effect of contactor temperature on the TEG vaporization losses for a case study is shown.

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19 Nov, 2013

Excellence in Workforce Development - Part 1

The SMRP Body of Knowledge is the best there is. But how do you know if your people can demonstrate their competence? How are you going to replace your retiring, experienced personnel with competent people who can perform on the job? How do you manage safety with safe work behaviors by competent people? In a growing number of societal areas, we are using ‘leading indicators’ to help people choose safer behaviors that prevent accidents.

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