10 Mar, 2017

Try PetroAcademy Blended/Virtual Learning

As PetroSkills continues to release virtual training courses via PetroAcademy, we found it important to give you the opportunity to try the platform firsthand. Using the links below, you can demo two separate Skill Modules from the Production Operations 1 course: A self-guided virtual training session, and a virtual instructor-led session.

PetroAcademy combines PetroSkills industry knowledge, expertise, content, and technology to develop workforce competency. Each PetroAcademy Skill Module may contain reading assignments, self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, discussion forums, group exercises, case studies, quizzes, field trips, and other activities. These continuous development activities increase knowledge retention, reduce time to competency, and provide just in time learning at the point of need.

Self-Guided: "Conventional Reservoirs Online Learning."

Virtual Instructor-Led: "Well Performance and Nodal Analysis." 

For more information on PetroAcademy Blended/Virtual learning, visit PetroSkills.com/Blended. You can also check out our "Five Benefits of Blended/Virtual Training" blog for more on how PetroAcademy can be a useful training tool for all oil and gas professionals.

These sessions are starting soon - Enroll Now!

 Scale Identification, Remediation and Prevention Workshop10-26 April

 Production Operations 110 April - 3 November

Also Available in 2017:
 Applied Reservoir Engineering

 Casing Design Workshop

► Foundations of Petrophysics

 Production Operations 1

 NODAL Analysis Workshop

 Scale Identification, Remediation and Prevention Workshop

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.