Howard McKinzie

DR. HOWARD L. MCKINZIE is a petroleum consultant from Sugar Land, Texas. His prior industry experience includes 21 years with Texaco, Inc. and Getty Oil Company in numerous areas of production and completions engineering. Specific specialties include sand control, downhole oil/water separation, compact surface oil/water separation, artificial lift with progressive cavity pumps, formation damage, water shutoff, drag reduction techniques for fluid flow, and well stimulation by acidizing and fracturing. He also worked in the area of surface well logging, and was one of the co-developers of QGM (Qualitative Gas Measurement) and QFT (Qualitative Fluorescence Technique). Prior to joining Getty, he was employed by GTE Labs in Waltham, Massachusetts, where he worked primarily in the areas of catalyst development research and developing photo-catalytic techniques. He was the Chairman of the Completion Engineering Association in 1991-1992, after being Vice Chairman in 1989-1990. He was a member of the research team that received the Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation from Petroleum Engineer International (1999). He was also a member of another team that received the Hearst Newspapers Energy Award for Technology in 1998. He has twice received Texaco's Corporate Technology Innovation Award and holds numerous patents in several of the above areas. He held a post-doctoral appointment in Chemistry at Brown University, and subsequently taught engineering several more years at Brown. He received a BS degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from Central Oklahoma University, and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Arizona State University.