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About the Course

Sand causes a wide variety of costly problems when oil and gas are produced from unconsolidated reservoirs. The most costly problem is usually the loss of production resulting from formation damage caused by poorly planned and/or executed sand control applications.

This course will identify the parameters that must be considered when selecting the sand control technique to be used. Examples, problems, and case histories will be examined to illustrate key points. Sand control failures will be used to illustrate the types of problems that can lead to early well failures. The course will also teach how to perform quality control checks during the sand control application to help insure successful wells.

Because Sand Control in horizontal wells often proves to be short-lived when incorrectly applied, examples and class problems will focus on correctly choosing successful completion techniques for horizontal wells. Several new promising sand control technologies have been introduced in the last few years, such as expandable screens of several different types. The proper application of these new technologies will also be covered.

Attendees will leave this course with a thorough understanding of what is necessary to design and implement cost-effective sand control in both producing and injection wells.

"This class far exceeded my expectation. It really helped reinforce the materials we covered. Probably one of my favorite/best courses I have taken to date." - Operations Petroleum Engineer, United States

"Very complete course." - Completions Engineer, Colombia

Target Audience

Drilling, completion, production, and research engineers; field supervisors and production foremen; technical personnel who supply services and equipment.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Determine the causes of sand production
  • Determine the need for sand control
  • Select the best sand control method
  • Prepare the well for the proper application of sand control
  • Apply best practices to ensure successful sand control completions
  • Conduct successful frac packs
  • Evaluate sand control performance
  • Minimize production losses
  • Evaluate new technologies for proper applications

Course Content

  • Sand control techniques
  • Radial flow and formation damage
  • Causes and effects of sand production
  • Predicting sand production
  • Gravel pack design
  • Slotted liners and wire wrapped screens
  • Gravel pack completion equipment and service tools
  • Well preparation for gravel packing
  • Perforating for gravel placement techniques
  • Perforation prepacking and enhanced prepacking
  • Frac packing
  • Open hole gravel packing
  • Expandable screens
  • Gravel pack performance
  • Horizontal well completions

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