Division-Based Equipment Selection and Installation in Oil and Gas Facilities


About the Skill Module

Division-based Equipment Selection and Installation in Oil and Gas Facilities covers equipment selection and installation practices for the Division method used primarily in North America.


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This skill module is part of a three-part series that introduces the core principles and concepts used for the installation of electrical equipment in hazardous (explosive) atmospheres.

Hazardous Area Classification in Oil and Gas Facilities discusses the process of Hazardous Area Classification, where we determine the risk of ignitable atmospheres being present. This skill module is relevant to both North American Standards (NFPA, NEC, CEC) and International Standards (IEC). 

Zone-based Equipment Selection and Installation in Oil and Gas Facilities covers equipment selection and installation practices for the Zone method used internationally (including North America).

Target Audience

Facilities and Project Engineers as well as newly graduated Electrical, Controls, and Instrument Engineers (0-5 years) with a need to improve basic understanding of instrumentation and control systems within oil and gas facilities.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Describe how Electrical Area Classification Drawings are used by Electrical Engineers and Designers to specify electrical equipment and installation practices in hazardous locations
  • List the four aspects of hazardous location installations
  • List the standards related to electrical installations in hazardous locations
  • Define the common terms used in area classification including Class, Division, Group, and T-Code
  • Describe the impact of Division, Group, and T-Code designations on equipment specification
  • Describe the role of NRTL’s as they apply to hazardous area rated equipment
  • Explain the principles, pros, and cons of various protection methods commonly used in hazardous area rated electrical equipment
  • Describe the basic installation requirements for equipment in hazardous locations
  • Compare Division and Zone rated equipment

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2.25 hours (approx.)