Rosalind Archer

DR. ROSALIND ARCHER is Professor of the Mighty River Power Chair in Geothermal Reservoir Engineering as well as Head of the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She is also Director of Auckland Geothermal Institute. She has received several awards including the Supreme Excellence in Teaching Award within the Faculty of Engineering. She is an accomplished technical writer, collaborator and editor with over 25 articles published in the last five years. Dr. Archer has taught courses on Well Testing, Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation and PVT Analysis for industrial clients including Chevron/Schlumberger, Chevron, China, ONGC, Petronas, Yukos Petroleum, PTT Exploration and Schlumberger. She directs her own consulting practice undertaking technical work, expert witness work and training for a wide range of clients. She has performed technical work for Todd Energy, Shell Todd Oil Services, Austrial Pacific Energy, Greymouth Petroleum, Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy, Scott Hawkins (USA) and Sigma Energy (USA). She holds PhD and MS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University and a BE degree in Engineering Science from the University of Auckland.