Larry Britt

MR. LARRY BRITT is an engineering consultant with NSI Fracturing and President of Britt Rock Mechanics Laboratory at the University of Tulsa. Since joining NSI in early 1999, Larry has specialized in the development and application of tools for the post appraisal of hydraulic fracturing stimulations. Britt's experience includes the optimization, design, and execution of fracture stimulations and integrated field studies throughout the world. Prior to joining NSI he worked for Amoco Production Company for nearly twenty years. During the last six years with Amoco, he was fracturing team leader at Amoco's Technology Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was charged with managing the development and application of fracturing technology for Amoco's worldwide operations. Larry is the co-author of the SPE book 'Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic Fractures.' Larry is a distinguished member of the SPE and has served on numerous SPE Forum Committees on Gas Reservoir Engineering and Hydraulic Fracturing. In addition, Larry has authored over forty technical papers on reservoir management, pressure transient analysis, hydraulic fracturing, and horizontal well completion and stimulations. He is a graduate of the Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T) where he has a BS in Geological Engineering and a Professional Degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is an adjunct professor in the Petroleum Engineering Department at MS&T where he also serves on both the Petroleum Engineering and University Engineering Advisory Boards and is a member of the Academy of Mines and Metallurgy.