Managing Wellsite Operations - MWC

Discipline: Well Construction/Drilling
Level: Intermediate
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. James Bobo
  • Mr. Kevin Cuyler
  • Mr. Mason Gomez
  • Mr. Alan Hippman

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Managing Wellsite Operations is an interactive course that teaches participants to successfully manage wellsite operational plans, resource time management, and control measures. Interpersonal skills associated with the art of managing the Johari window through active listening and conducting crucial conversations is exercised throughout the course. This course brings together documented case histories of complex well operations and techniques to manage associated human factors. Participants will learn to build effective teams by assuming roles in class exercises of the company representative, rig contractor, and supplier personnel. Critical issues are identified to improve safety and reduce trouble time. Improving the facilitation of wellsite action planning, rig instructions, and work processes is exercised to improve operator, contractor, and service provider performance metrics.
Drilling and completion well supervisors, wellsite engineers, superintendents, operations managers, senior drilling contractors and wellsite service personnel.
How To:
  • Manage key relationships between surface - subsurface parts of the well program
  • Manage technical and interpersonal skills associated with complex operations
  • Manage self and rig team situational awareness and competencies
  • Manage communications to improve wellsite performance and build effective rig teams
  • Manage the well monitoring program to reduce lost time risks
  • Rig team priorities and success measures
  • Focusing on wellsite challenges, distractions, and sensitivities
  • Managing reports and rig documentation
  • Rig meetings and drills
  • Well monitoring, limits, alarms, and suspension of operations
  • Reducing unscheduled events, technical limits, and drilling/completing well on paper techniques
  • Managing complex situations associated with tripping, displacements, and testing