Advanced Project Management II - FPM63

Discipline: Project Management
Level: Specialized
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Roger Haddad
  • Mr. Ken Lunsford

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This five-day, advanced level course for experienced project management professionals addresses the fundamental principles and techniques of project management and how to apply them on large international projects. This course will cover all the project phases, with hands-on content directly supported by practical case studies.

"Instructor's knowledge and presentation skills, coming from real experience of project management. Simple and clear, but has depth in it." - Process Engineer, Myanmar

"Interactive lecture." - Participant, South Korea

Experienced project managers, project engineers, project controls managers, and construction managers who are working on large international projects or about to start new assignments on international projects. Practical case studies will cover the entire spectrum of a large international project and will include offshore and onshore capital investment.
  • Why international projects fail and the early warning signs to look for
  • The principles of project management that ensure project success
  • How to build a strong and effective Project Management Team (PMT)
  • How to identify and manage project stakeholders
  • How to conduct business and yourself in the international arena
  • How to select an effective contracting strategy and the appropriate negotiation style
  • The practical approach for global engineering, procurement, logistics, fabrication, construction, and commissioning
  • How to conduct project risk management throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • How to apply effective leadership and strategy on your international project
  • Why projects fail
  • Project Management principles (PMT, scope, cost, schedule, safety, and quality)
  • Stakeholders management on international projects
  • Host country - business and culture contracting
  • Strategies and negotiations
  • Global engineering - from concept through detailed design procurement and logistics
  • Fabrication, construction and commissioning
  • International project risk management
  • Leadership and strategy