building future leaders

Today’s oil and gas industry is challenged by competing dynamics – unprecedented energy demand and increased production commitments.  At the same time “the big crew change” transition of senior professionals and their expertise leaving the industry is underway.

Building and sustaining operational excellence requires that engineers and other technical professionals are applying the right technical knowledge at just the right time – to the hundreds of thoughts of technical decisions made and tasks performed on the job.

PetroSkills has been building technical professionals and serving the needs of the industry for over 50 years, starting in 1963 and we continue to evolve as the “big crew change” marches on!  We’re at a critical point where the ability to apply knowledge at the point of work becomes ever more crucial.


If you have a passion for teaching and instruction and/or course development then you’ll appreciate being a PetroSkills Instructor.  Our instructors enjoy flexible work schedules, international travel, good income, training the next generation.


Be a part of the team that helps our clients in the areas of Competency Management, Workforce Development, Engineering or Performance Consulting or Compliance Management.  As a PetroSkills Consultant you can also enjoy international travel and competitive income.


By supporting our Instructors and Consultants in various roles in departments such as Member Engagement & Sales, Content Development, Marketing, Accounting, IT, Human Resources, and Contracts or for another option choose to work in our beautiful conference center located just outside of Houston, Texas, you're helping PetroSkills maintain our commitment to our clients and fulfill our company Vision and Mission.




As industry's partner, deliver the best in petroleum learning and competency development



OUR mission

Build competent petroleum professionals by delivering learning and development where, when and how the industry needs it


OUR values

Our values form the foundation of our business. Any aspect of our business which is inconsistent with these values requires improvement.


We value:

  • People - we know our business exists to help people, and our people are at the core of our success. We value and respect the people who are our customers, instructors, co-workers, partners and suppliers
  • Integrity - we are trustworthy and truthful in all our dealings; we respect people for saying what they think and we hold accountable for being truthful. We respect and comply with the law.
  • Partnership -  we can be better together than alone, so we build teams and work toward common goals both within PetroSkills and with our alliance members.  We value our partners for their skills, their effort, their potential and their commitment.
  • Quality -  we strive for excellence.  We do not settle for “good enough” in anything: our products and services, HSE, our treatment of our stakeholders or our responsibility to the community.
  • Innovation and Initiative - we have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to learn, improve and innovate.  We do not wait for others to show us the way.  We are not satisfied with the way things are, and are committed to leaving things better than we found them.  We take initiative and invent new ways to meet our customers’ needs and enter new markets.
  • Learning -  we are passionate about learning and developing the skills and competency of our people, and of all those who work in the petroleum industry.  We actively seek new and improved ways of building and assuring competency.

Additional Benefits:

Petroskills offers a full range of benefits, including 401k, bonuses, generous vacation and a market competitive salary to our employees.

Petroskills is an Equal Opportunity Employer.