15 Jun, 2017

Virtual Training Dates to Remember

Want to know when our virtual training courses are taking place? This article discusses all 2017 virtual training offerings and provides a schedule for the rest of the year.

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6 Jun, 2017

Evaluating Fracture Stimulation

Looking to better understand the fracture network involved in the development of shale plays? This TOTM discusses how understanding stimulated reservoir volume helps us estimate recoverable reserves, well spacing, and orientation. It also provides the basis for evaluating and improving stimulation practices.

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2 Jun, 2017

Low Temperature Methane Gas Water Content

For normal gas conditioning processes, the water vapor content of natural gases in equilibrium with water is commonly estimated from McKetta and Wehe based charts like Figure 6.1 of Campbell book or Figure 20.4 of Gas Processors and Suppliers Association. This facilities TOTM presents a chart for estimating methane gas water content at low temperatures, e.g. cryogenic processes.

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24 May, 2017

How Can Decision Trees Help You Make Productive Decisions?

Have you wondered if there is an easier way to break down important complex decisions? This article discusses the uses and advantages of using decision trees in your decision process.

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15 May, 2017

Basic Petroleum Technology Principles: Virtual Demo

PetroSkills is proud to offer Basic Petroleum Technology Principles in a virtual format. View a course demo today!

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