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  • Offshore Pipeline Design and Construction: PL-43
  • Onshore Pipeline Facilities - Design, Construction and Operations: PL-42
  • Terminals and Storage Facilities: PL-44
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The Pipeline training progression provides technical training and consulting for oil and gas transportation, focusing on pipeline systems as well as onshore infrastructure systems that support oil and gas operations. The curriculum covers pipeline transportation systems, oil and gas terminal facilities, and the onshore infrastructure from regional considerations through design and construction of site-specific systems. As with all our training programs, these discipline areas integrate with the other technical, operations and HSE disciplines.



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Offshore Pipeline Design and Construction: PL-43


This intensive five day foundations level course covers the principal aspects of design, construction, and operations of offshore pipeline systems. The course focuses on pipeline
mechanical, strength, and stability design, and construction. Special challenges, such as shoreline crossings, foreign pipeline crossings, repair methods, flow assurance, corrosion and cathodic protection are an integral part of this course. Participants will acquire the essential knowledge and skills to design, construct and operate pipelines. Design problems and team projects are part of this course.


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Onshore Pipeline Facilities - Design, Construction and Operations: PL-42


Successful onshore pipeline businesses require personnel competent in fully integrated approaches to evaluation, planning, design, construction, operations, and asset integrity management. This intensive, five day Foundation level course explores best practices for developing and maintaining pipeline systems that maximize life cycle reliability, employee,
public, and environmental safety, and cost effectiveness. Design and operating exercises are an integral part of this course.


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Terminals and Storage Facilities: PL-44


This five day, foundation level course reviews key issues associated with development, design, construction, and operation of terminals and storage facilities for liquid hydrocarbons and NGLs. The course focuses on six areas:


1) terminal codes and siting constraints, 2) terminal design and equipment layout, 3) types of storage and selection criteria, 4) design considerations for loading racks, fire protection, vapor recovery, blending equipment, and water treatment, 5)
detailed design of storage tanks, vessels, and caverns, and 6) operations and maintenance. Safety, quality control, system reliability, availability, and regulatory compliance are
integrated throughout the course. Case studies and exercises are used to reinforce key points.


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Pipeline Engineering 

Modules Include: Pipeline O&M, Leak Detection, Repairs, Alterations and Abandonment

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