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The Gas Processing Progression covers equipment and processes primarily focused on the handling of natural gas and its associated liquids. Main topics covered include fundamentals, natural gas characterization, phase behavior, vapor-liquid equilibrium, basic thermodynamics, and water-hydrocarbon behavior, as well as all the key equipment to process natural gas.


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Gas Conditioning & Processing Principles: G-3 VIRTUAL


LEVEL: Basic


DURATION: 52 hours of self-paced, online material


The Campbell Gas Course® has been the industry standard for more than 50 years and the core competencies of the Campbell Gas Course® are now available in self-paced online Skill Modules.


These competencies set the base knowledge that is required for a successful career as an entry level facilities engineer, seasoned operator, and / or field supervisor. These modules provide an understanding of common terminology, hydrocarbons and their physical properties, qualitative and quantitative phase behavior, hydrates, and fluid flow. In addition, they provide a systematic approach to understanding the common types of equipment, and the primary unit operations in both offshore and onshore gas conditioning and processing facilities.


Each module ranges from 3 – 5 hours of self-paced activities, with pre and post assessments. In addition, the modules have interactive exercises and problems to solve on the various topics.



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