Dan Gibson

MR. DAN GIBSON is a consulting engineer with over 35 years of experience in production, completions, and well integrity issues from oil and gas fields all over the world. After working as a roughneck and roustabout through college, he started his professional life as a facility engineer in Alaska. He has worked his way through the value stream from facilities to completions with jobs in Anchorage, Denver, Houston, Gabon, Congo, Egypt, Scotland, Russia, and Australia. He is currently a consulting engineer, working on completions and well integrity problems for a wide range of independents and majors. He has worked as a Wells Technical Authority for a large international independent with a varied portfolio of offshore oil and gas wells. He was the first Senior Completion Advisor for a super major. As part of this role, he worked with teams on both major technical incidents and on planning and assurance of high profile projects around the world. These experiences have given him a unique viewpoint of how fields are developed; how wells are designed, constructed, and produced; how things can go wrong with a well during construction and production; and how best to mitigate and manage well problems. He has authored and co-authored a number of papers, ranging from polymer flood management to ice mechanics and most recently a design of an innovative ICD system for a high rate water injection well. Dan graduated from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater and Studied Arctic Engineering at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. His teaching style focuses on first principles and developing an understanding of why things happen which then dictates an appropriate response.