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Well Integrity: What are the Key Aspects for the Life of Well Cycle?

The goal of this seminar is to show and explain to Oil and Gas Operators the importance of the Integrity Process and the variables to be considered throughout the “Life of Well Cycle” as part of the assurance processes in Drilling, Completion, Intervention and Production Operations. These are considered the Well Engineering and Operational Fundamentals and the Oil & Gas Industry requirements to ensure that the Well Integrity Process is aligned with the current International Standard - ISO 16530-1 (Petroleum and natural gas Industries - Part 1).

A second objective is to explain how you can build and prepare the strategy to review the integrity status of the fields; what considerations should be taken into account when designing the wells; what are the critical drilling and completion equipment, problems that arise in producing wells and injectors; and what are the considerations of the barriers.

The importance of considering the different Technical and Multidisciplinary Teams, including Drilling, Production, Interventions, Reservoirs and Geology, to include the reservoir conditions, fluids, operations, formation problems and type of interventions before designing and drilling the well. This highlights the importance of including these variables in the initial well design and mitigating risks in the later phases of the well cycle such as annular pressures, isolation problems between zones and corrosion / erosion problems. Likewise, the most common problems that may be identified during the construction of the well and how they directly impact the different subsequent phases of the completion and production operations of the well.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. Review the importance of having an Integrity Management System that covers the different phases of the Well Life Cycle.

  2. Better understanding of the Oil and Gas production benefit when the wells do not experience integrity issues.

  3. Reinforce the key variables of the Well Integrity to be considered to the Engineers from the different disciplines in Drilling, Completions, Well Interventions and Production Engineers/Wellsite Operators.

  4. Understand what aspects shall be considered when designing and construction of the well is being performed.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar is beneficial for the different disciplines that are involved in Well Operations. It is recommended for Technical Authorities, Team Leaders, Drilling, Completion, Well Intervention Engineers, Production Engineers, and personnel managing Field Production Operations. It is also important for people in charge of Well Integrity Management.



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