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Solids in Drilling Fluids... ...Friend or Foe?

This webinar is designed for anyone who is involved in the drilling business and wants to have a better understanding of solids content in drilling fluids... …what are the different types, are they beneficial or detrimental and how much should I have?

In this webinar, we are going to take a dive into the different solids that are found in a typical water-based drilling fluid, are the solids “good” solids or are they “bad” solids and how much can we tolerate in our drilling fluid.  We will discuss the reasons it is important to run your solids control equipment and remove the unwanted solids from your mud, how much is acceptable and pitfalls to look out for related to solids accumulation in a drilling fluid.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. Provide participants with the knowledge to distinguish good low-gravity solids versus bad low-gravity solids.

  2. Provide participants with the knowledge to understand the difference between low-gravity solids and high-gravity solids in the fluid.

  3. Explain how solids content is calculated in a drilling fluid and what the numbers are telling us about the condition of the fluid.

  4. Understand of high-gravity solids content and how it is validated on a Drilling Fluids report.

What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. How solids are identified in the field and concentrations calculated by a Mud Engineer

  2. How “good” low-gravity solids are distinguished from “bad” low-gravity solids

  3. How we maximize “good” solids and remove “bad” solids

  4. How we distinguish between low-gravity solids and high-gravity solids

  5. How solids accumulate in a drilling fluid and the pitfalls of allowing them to go unchecked

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for anyone who wants a greater understanding of solids encountered in a drilling fluid and how they affect drilling performance. If you have ever been told it was okay to weight up with drill solids, then this short webinar is for you! If your job role requires you to read mud reports and you have often wondered about solids content in a fluid, join us for this discussion. You will be glad that you did.

About the Presenter

MR. KEVIN CUYLER is the Director of Technical Division Operations at PetroSkills, where he is responsible for the In-House Proposal and Logistics team. He is also the Discipline Manager for the Multi-Discipline and Petroleum Business disciplines. Prior to this role, he was the Discipline Network Operations Manager where he was responsible for the ongoing health and operations of the nineteen discipline networks in the PetroSkills Alliance, ensuring competency map alignment, consulting on competency issues and assisting with member engagement and involvement. A member of SPE, Mr. Cuyler is the Course Director for the Drilling Fluids Technology course and an instructor for the Instructor Excellence Workshop at PetroSkills. Prior to joining PetroSkills, Mr. Cuyler had 17 years of experience with Halliburton Company including the HR Global Human Asset Manager for the Cementing Product Service Line, HR Business Partner, Global Technical Development Manager, Curriculum Development Manager, Division Technical Training Manager, Baroid Product Service Line Global Training Manager, Technical Instructor for Drilling and Completion Fluids, Multi-Service Field Representative and Mud Engineer. Mr. Cuyler has managed drilling fluids throughout Texas as well as deep-water operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Cuyler has a BS Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.


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