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Building Your Resilient Oil & Gas Career

This webinar is designed for those of us who strive to build and maintain a career in our boom-and-bust industry.

Typically, oil and gas careers begin as commodity prices rise and reserves replacement accelerates. This webinar will share ideas and lessons learned on how to sustain your career through low and high oil prices, be it a technical or business path. Once there is an understanding of the oil and gas business cycle, then a professional can anticipate the skills, experience and knowledge to acquire in the good times to better ride out the "hard times" which are a normal part of our business.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. To provide participants with an understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of career growth in a cyclic industry.

  2. To provide participants with an insight into how the business cycle places an emphasis on different skills and experiences as it progresses

  3. To provide participants an opportunity to network with others using virtual breakouts

What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. Webinar attendees will learn to view their knowledge, skills and experiences as a portfolio of value creation across the business cycle.

  2. Attendees will take away a perspective that moves away from “This is what I have done” to “This is the value I will deliver going forward.”

  3. Webinar attendees will learn that navigating a successful energy career with resilience and forethought is possible and rewarding.

Who Should Attend?

Early and mid career energy professionals who wish to gain an additional perspective on career growth that builds resilience and personal control in the career growth process.

About the Presenter

MR. GERRY ROSS, PetroSkills Advisor and Instructor, has more than 39 years' formation evaluation and rock based Petrophysics experience. He has participated in global oil and gas operations from exploration through production. He has been a PetroSkills Instructor for 14 years. From 2002 until 2016, while at PetroSkills, he was an executive VP with responsibility for Alliance membership growth and engagement. He is course director for Basic Petroleum Technology and the online ePetro industry overview program. While with Core Lab, he provided training to both majors and independents on a worldwide basis. During this time, he was the instructor and co-coordinator of an extensive internal Petrophysics applications program. This multi-year program focused on the applications of rock and fluid data in log analysis, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering and production. He also worked with major research centers and universities globally to provide reservoir conditions instrumentation for reservoir engineering, reservoir description, and formation damage research. His international oil and gas knowledge was developed through extended assignments in South America, Asia, the North Sea and the US. He is a member of the SPE, SPWLA, PESGB, SEAPEX and a past president of the Aberdeen Chapter of the SPWLA. He received a BSc in Geology from Bedford College, London University.


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