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Are You Scared of Vibrating Pipework? You Should Be...

This webinar aims to convey an understanding of the causes of piping vibration and solutions to either stop the vibration or make a decision as to whether the vibration is acceptable or not.   The webinar discusses detection, location and diagnosis of vibrating pipework.  Calculation of pipe natural frequencies are discussed as well as forcing functions from rotating equipment, vortex induced vibration and acoustic frequencies.

The values of pipe deformation may be related to fatigue analysis and this can help in the decision to accept the situation or carry out a process or design change.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. To provide knowledge about mechanical piping vibration under different flow conditions of fluids

  2. Be able to identify that causes of pipework vibrating

  3. Acquire knowledge of structural troubleshooting

  4. Acquire knowledge of predicting remaining fatigue life

What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. Root cause and sources of vibrations of piping vibration

  2. How to calculate vortex shedding frequencies

  3. How to calculate acoustic frequencies in pipes

  4. Solutions to piping vibration problems and the role of pipe restraints

  5. How to determine whether the piping vibrations are within safe limits or not and to suggest appropriate solutions if the piping vibrations are not in safe limits 

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers and technicians working in the application and management of piping inspection
  • Engineers and technicians involved in vibration analysis
  • Designers and production managers and engineers working in technical and design roles within process industries
  • Facilities engineers in process plants

About the Presenter

MR. RON FREND is a registered engineer, and has extensive engineering and management experience in the oil and gas sector. He rose to a senior position in Shell International (Middle East) before opening a worldwide engineering consultancy based in England and a senior position in a global training enterprise. His entire career has been concerned with practical applications of maintenance and engineering from a solid business foundation. Ron is experienced in a variety of maintenance analytical techniques as well as possessing management skills suitable to a large multi-national corporation working in the oil and gas industry. Ron has also undergone specialized training on the following topics: management techniques, non-destructive testing, oil tanker cargo operations, instrumentation and control, resistance and gas welding, vibration analysis, infrared thermography, and ultrasonics. He is a Registered Engineer with an MSc from Huddersfield University in England as well as being a certified Chief Engineer Officer (marine). Ron is currently Technical Director of Facilities Training for PetroSkills with special responsibility for Mechanical Engineering training.


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