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Operations Crew Resource Management: The Next Step in Optimizing Safety and Efficiency 

"Why do experienced and competent personnel make mistakes during the planning and implementation of operations?"

This webinar will introduce the 6 non-technical skills of Operations Crew Resource Management (OCRM); Teamwork, Communications, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Personal Leadership, and Factors Effecting Human Performance. These skills are the cognitive social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and contribute to safe and efficient task performance. Industry examples will underscore the value of OCRM in safely and efficiently implementing operations.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. Enhance knowledge of OCRM non-technical skills

  2. Make a connection between OCRM non-technical skills and everyday operation efforts; planning and implementing

  3. Provide participants with new tools to enhance safety and operations efficiency

What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. How to recognize situation based on information gathered from relevant sources and anticipate how the situation might evolve

  2. How to reach a judgement or choose an option to meet the needs of a given situation

  3. Effectively exchange information in a range of formats to achieve the desired outcome

  4. How to effectively and interdependently work with groups to achieve a goal

  5. Importance of successfully influencing others

  6. How to recognize when personal factors are creating adverse reactions

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is particularly valuable for field and office-based personnel in both up and downstream operations.



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