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Help! My Distillation Products are Off-Spec! How Can I Fix This Efficiently?

So, you think you are operating your fractionation column as per design and now laboratory results return telling you that you have been running with off-spec. products.

In this webinar (which builds partly on the earlier presented webinar “Fractionation – Understanding your column from first principles” of October 20, 2020), two very important distillation “thinking-tools/models” are presented to help the operator/technologist to take the most economic corrective action.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. To help participants take the most appropriate corrective actions in order to bring a mal-operating fractionation column back on spec.

  2. Appreciate that the DOF (Degrees of Freedom) of a fractionator column during the design stage are different compared to the DOF during operation. This results in choosing the best column control scheme for a certain column as well as understanding the two most important operational control parameters: ECP (Effective Cut Point), SI (Separation Index).

  3. Understand that the column control scheme applied has a very big effect on the dynamics of this column.

What Will Attendees Learn?

Delegates will enhance their knowledge and expertise in fractionation-design as well as operation.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is particularly valuable for process industry plant technical staff, as well as operations managers, engineers, operations and maintenance and personnel, as well as for technical personnel involved in fractionation design, operation and troubleshooting.

About the Presenter

MR. GERARD HAGEMAN is based in The Hague, where he settled after 33 years in the downstream oil and gas business (including LNG). He is equipped with thorough knowledge and experience in LNG, gas and refinery operations, start-up, design, process technology, teamwork, change processes, and competency assessment. He started his career with the Gulf Oil refinery in The Netherlands as a process engineer, followed by a job as economic analyst for Gulf Oil Chemicals in London, after which he joined Shell for 29 years. During his career with Shell, Mr. Hageman has worked in numerous countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Denmark and, of course, The Netherlands. He has been responsible for Process Engineering, Design, Operation, Start-up, Process Safety (Integrity), Interface Management, Change Processes, Competency Assurance and Training. He holds an MS in Chemical Engineering from Twente University in The Netherlands. He is a member of KIVI, i.e. The Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers. Mr. Hageman joined PetroSkills | John M. Campbell in 2012.


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