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"To Squeeze Cement or Not to Squeeze Cement?" That is the Question...

This webinar will provide an overview on the rationale for performing a squeeze cement operation as well as the rationale not to. Myths about squeeze cementing will be discussed. Tools and concepts on how to identify if a well needs to be squeezed will be discussed. The various types of placement techniques along with the recommended downhole tools will be presented. Slurry designs to achieve a successful cement squeeze will be presented.

The webinar underscores the importance of practical engineering knowledge and experience in a given area while explaining why squeeze cementing can be as much an "art" as it is a "science."

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Webinar Objectives

  1. To assist participants in understanding the thought process in deciding if a squeeze cement operation is necessary

  2. To enhance the knowledge of the participants in understanding the various placement techniques of squeeze cementing

  3. To enhance the knowledge of the participants regarding the various options of squeeze cementing fluid systems

What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. Tools, Ideas, and Concepts to be used in deciding if a squeeze is needed

  2. Myths of squeeze cementing

  3. Various types of slurry systems to be used in squeeze cementing

  4. Various types of placement techniques for squeeze cementing

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is particularly valuable for Drilling and Production personnel who want to gain a better understanding of the economic and operational risks associated with lost or unwanted production and how to remedy it by placing a cementitious grouting material or other chemical system into a confined area.



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