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Maintaining the "Reality" in Virtual Reality Simulator Training

Developing realistic team troubleshooting exercises to take advantage of virtual reality simulators.

Webinar time: 5 April, 10:00am CDT (UTC-5)

Presenter: Matthew Garvey

Fee: This webinar is presented free of charge

Operator Training Simulators are an often-used tool at both the process technology education level as well as during basic operator training programs in the chemical process industries.  Even more recently, a level of virtual reality has been included in these simulator tools which allow the trainee to explore field equipment in an immersive environment.

The webinar will show you how to properly support these software tools by demonstrating the simulator-based, INSTO™ training methodology. A focus will be placed on developing curriculum and scenarios that tie back to educational objectives that promote the skills and competencies that are most sought after by local industries. A demonstration will be provided on utilizing these tools to simulate a team style of troubleshooting that is most applicable to the operator experience graduates will soon face in industry.

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Webinar Objectives

  1. Provide a demonstration of conducting team troubleshooting training utilizing both a DCS simulation and Virtual Reality field operator simulation.
  2. Relate simulator-based troubleshooting and operations exercises back to standard North American based Process Technology educational objectives.
  3. Explore techniques to increase student engagement in a hybrid learning environment while maintaining realism in exercises.
  4. To provide process technology educators an opportunity to network with current or potential industry partners.

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What Will Attendees Learn?

  1. Participants will be presented a simulator-based learning methodology on the specific topics of hands-on troubleshooting and operations training.
  2. A demonstration on building educational laboratory exercises that promote team building and communication skills between a console operator and field operator.
  3. Participants will be provided techniques for meeting educational objectives with simulator-based exercises. Specifically, knitting cross-cutting concepts between technical skills and “soft skills” within the education framework. 

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is particularly valuable for process technology instructors who teach courses including troubleshooting, operations, systems and equipment. The webinar is also appropriate for learning and development members that currently, or plan to, implement simulator-based training at the basic operator training level. Webinar attendees will learn that navigating a successful energy career with resilience and forethought is possible and rewarding.

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About the Presenter

MATTHEW GARVEY holds the position of Vice President, PetroSkills - Simulation Solutions. Matthew delivers on-site training promoting operations excellence for refining and chemical plant personnel utilizing generic process simulators. The most popular courses that Matthew teaches focus on separation units and furnaces with a target audience of console operators.

Since 2014, Matthew has conducted over 80 training sessions for 900+ process operators in the US and overseas. In addition to co-teaching these 2-Day Troubleshooting courses, Matthew develops and maintains the INSTO Methodology and generic simulator library of which these courses are centered around.

Matthew also works closely with institutions in the education sector to provide process operations and process safety training for both 4-year Chemical Engineering students, as well as 2-year Process Technology students. Matthew has been a member of the U.S. Military Academy's Chemical Engineering Advisory Board since 2015.

Since 2015, Matthew has had the opportunity to guest lecture for a Process Safety course offered at Columbia University on an annual basis. Matthew has co-authored 5 technical papers along with Dr. Robert Bozic (Columbia University) and Donald Glaser (Simulation Solutions) exploring the implementation of process simulation within the chemical engineering curriculum.

Specifically, Matthew's work with Columbia University has led to the 2019 creation of the "ChemE-Sports™" competition which most recently had 26 teams from different universities compete at the Annual AIChE Student Conference to promote process safety at the undergraduate level. Matthew holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University (2014) and is pursuing an MBA from University of Delaware (2022).


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