Workover Fundamentals


About the Skill Module

This Workover Fundamentals course skill module is designed to help you follow a workover process to solve well problems. It will allow you to witness how the process is being applied by using the process against a well problem. After understanding how the workover process is applied, you will have the opportunity to use the process with other resources and apply it to a given problem.

See example Production eLearning module

Target Audience

Graduates or engineers with experience, engaged in drilling operations, production operations, workover, and completions; petroleum engineering in both the service and operating sectors.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Explain the differences between a workover and intervention
  • Provide examples of simple interventions
  • Understand the purpose behind and importance of conducting workovers
  • Identify the three general steps of a workover
  • Identify tools used to recognize if well problems exist
  • Understand the three basic classes of well problems with regard to their location
  • Understand the “8 Basic Steps” to a workover
  • Recognize the General Workover Design Sequence
  • Recognize that the number of barriers and type of barriers can change during the course of a workover
  • Recognize the more common workover problems
  • Express questions and considerations that are needed to identify best workover solutions
  • Understand an example thought process of design decisions behind correcting a casing leak
  • Understand the basics of cement squeezing
  • Recognize the application of the General Workover Design Sequence with regard to a casing repair workover
  • Select possible remediation techniques for repairing casing
  • Apply the general workover sequence to a well problem example to develop a workover procedure by utilizing techniques learned in previous sections
  • Identify the methods utilized in performing the basic procedures in most workover designs, including killing a well, releasing and re-setting packers, and offloading the well
  • Recognize blending of the workover checklist, the general workover sequence, and general workover principals to assist in the design of a workover
  • Explain the necessity for contingency planning

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Individual Skill Module




9 hours (approx.)