Well Site Management Part 1 - Logistics, Communication and Safety


About the Skill Module

Rigsite Logistics Management focuses on the management and administrative functions of the well site supervisor. These include supervision and quality control of the data collection process during daily operations, ensuring drilling contractor, drilling fluids, directional drilling, and other service company‐provided information. Discussions also address planning and prioritizing work, along with various work controls such as JSAs, Permit to Work, 24‐hr and 72‐hr lookaheads, pre‐job safety meetings, toolbox talks, effective handovers, SIMOPS, and stop work authority. Other activities outlined include managing supplier relationships by communicating work requirements and schedules, approving invoices.

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Target Audience

Operator and service company technical staff including drilling engineers and operations supervisory personnel.

You Will Learn

Manage wellsite logistics

  • Supplier management
  • Data collection and reporting
  • People movements

Manage wellsite operations

  • Prioritize and schedule work
  • Supervise task preparation and execution
  • Control workflow with JSAs, Permit to Work, SIMOPS

Implement scheduling, lookaheads, and handovers

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3 hours (approx.)