Unconventional Reservoir Analysis


About the Skill Module

In this skill module, you will learn the fundamental ways that various well tests and production analyses are applied to unconventional reservoirs. Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs), Diagnostic Plots, Rate Transient Analysis (RTA), Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) are all historic production rate and pressure analysis tools that are being applied to unconventional reservoirs. The fundamental principles will be reviewed before the application skills are covered in the Unconventional Reservoir Analysis Fundamentals skill module. Additionally, the fundamental principles of Reserves and Resource management will be covered.

Target Audience

All petro‐technical professionals who have little experience with unconventional reservoirs but who need or desire to start developing some understanding of important basic concepts and methods associated with these resource types.

You Will Learn

  • What a DFIT, RTA, DCA analysis is
  • How to read a Diagnostic Plot
  • Why the analysis of these techniques is different in unconventional reservoirs
  • Fundamental principles of reserves and resource management

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2 hours (approx.)