Unconventional Reservoir Analysis Fundamentals


About the Skill Module

This skill module is designed for professional engineers and geoscientists with a basic understanding of unconventional rocks and fluids and the drilling and completion of horizontal laterals who wish to quickly learn single well analysis techniques, including the key elements of these reservoirs and the technologies to exploit them. Diagnostic plots to identify flow regimes and rate transient analysis (RTA) to understand individual well performance are discussed. Field level topics include field development and reservoir surveillance. Decline curve analysis (DCA) for individual wells is presented followed by Reserves and Resources estimations in unconventionals, primarily under the Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) guidance.

Attendees should leave this course with the tools to understand individual well behavior as well as field planning and development in the reservoirs which supply an ever increasing fraction of the world’s oil and gas, unconventional reservoirs.

Target Audience

Subsurface technical professionals, geoscientists, completion engineers, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, and drilling engineers.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Calculate volumetric estimates in unconventional reservoirs
  • Apply material balance analysis with corrections for unconventional reservoirs
  • Calculate properties from DFITs
  • Calculate drainage volumes from rate transient analysis
  • Match historical data and forecast future production using

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




9 hours (approx.)