The Role of Production Technology


About the Skill Module

Any oil and gas operation has certain key, fundamental aspects and "things that must happen" for the producing asset to be properly developed or re-developed initially and to continue to perform at its optimum efficiency and profitability throughout its life. Well-defined practices and processes must be put in place. The project team and its cumulative skill set necessary to conceive and execute what must happen are essential and indispensable for any oil and gas industry organization.

This blended skill module addresses the concept of Production Technology and the production technologists who define and implement the details of managing a hydrocarbon asset. Production technologists (PTs) are subject matter experts (SMEs) across all oilfield disciplines who contribute both formally and semi-formally throughout an asset's life. Their team work and focus continually brings both proven oilfield practices as well as prototype emerging and new technology to fruition in a hydrocarbon exploitation development.

This skill module develops the context of what PTs do, how they interact, how they function in leadership roles, and presents many types of production technology applications that are envisioned, initiated, developed in detail, implemented, and managed.

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Target Audience

Exploration and production technical professionals, asset team members, team leaders, line managers, IT department staff who work with data and support production applications, data technicians, executive management, and all support staff who require a more extensive knowledge of production technology and engineering.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define the oilfield term "Production Technology"
  • Describe the technical qualities and character of subject matter experts in oil and gas organizations who are referred to as "production technologists"
  • List various common responsibilities of an industry "production technologist"
  • Recall two cases of well completion design (one for an unconventional shale well and the other for a conventional sandstone well) and the generic routines that a production technologist might follow in making completion design decisions

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2 hours (approx.)