Surface/Subsurface Exploration


About the Skill Module

In this skill module you will learn about basins, plays and risk analysis, mineral ownership and contracts; surface exploration technologies, such as gravity, magnetic and geochemical surveys, and seismic imaging and interpretation. Subsurface technologies such as mud logging, appraisal wells, coring, well logging, and drill stem testing.

See example Geology eLearning module

Target Audience

Those who need to achieve a context and understanding of E&P technologies, or the role of technical departments in oil and gas operations, and/or be able to understand and use the language of the oilfield.

You Will Learn

  • The roles involved in exploration
  • About basins, plays, leads, prospects, and geological risk
  • Different types of oil and gas contracts
  • The purpose and types of surface exploration technologies
  • The purpose and function of seismic surveys
  • The basic structural information from a seismic survey
  • The role of exploration and appraisal wells
  • Formation evaluation tools used during the exploration phase including mudlogging and LWD, well logging and cores, and well tests (DST)

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3 hours (approx.)