Stuck Pipe Prevention


About the Skill Module

This module specifically addresses the basis for understanding and preventing stuck pipe situations during drilling operations. It provides a general overview of geological formations and how these formations can become unstable during a drilling operation. Likewise, drilling fluids are discussed and how they can impact the stability of the wellbore.

This module also covers the mechanisms for pipe sticking, how to diagnose stuck pipe situations, and how to implement recovery efforts. Information is also given on how long to devote to fishing efforts. Lastly, this module covers drill string operating limits and gives calculations on how much pull can be on the drill string.

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Target Audience

Petroleum and production engineers, completion engineers, geoscientists, managers, technical supervisors, service and support personnel, entry level drilling engineers, drilling operations personnel, drilling office support staff.

You Will Learn

  • The contributing factors to wellbore stability and how pore pressure and fracture pressure change during the drilling operation
  • The primary requirements of the drilling fluid and what the desired performance fluid properties should be
  • All the factors and forces that affect hole cleaning efforts within vertical and horizontal wells
  • How to diagnose stuck pipe situations by determining the specific sticking mechanism and how to implement recovery efforts
  • About the different industry fishing tools available and how they function
  • How to make good decisions about how much time a drilling operation should devote to a fishing operation
  • The limits of a drill string and how much can be pulled

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




5 hours (approx.)