Resistivity Logging Tools and Interpretation


About the Skill Module

This skill module continues the introduction to petrophysical well logging tools and data interpretation. Resistivity logging tools including Induction logs, Laterologs, EWR tools, and Microresistivity devices as well as resistivity data are covered. Topics include depth of investigation and bed resolution, types of resistivity logs, and the effects of different mud systems.

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Target Audience

Geoscientists and engineers with less than twelve months experience using petrophysical data, Ideal for other technical staff and non-technical staff (e.g., management, drilling operations, technical support staff, finance, legal, IT, supply chain management, and others) at all experience levels wanting a basic background in the petrophysics discipline.

This skill module lays the foundation for effective communications between the Subsurface Team and everyone else in the E&P Industry including Service Company and Government employees.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Operating tool physics and data applications of the various resistivity logging tools
  • Selection criteria for which tool provides the best resistivity data for different environments (mud types, formation resistivity ranges, etc.)
  • The latest Array resistivity tools
  • The transverse induction device for highly anisotropic formations
  • The Resistivity Logging Tools – Old Electric Logs
  • Depth of investigation and bed resolution
  • Induction Logs
  • Laterologs
  • Microresistivity Logs

Product Details







Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3.5 hours (approx.)