Project Risk Management


About the Skill Module

This skill module introduces techniques and tools that are used to identify and manage risks typical of shale projects. Topics include the risk management process: identifying, characterizing, and ranking risks, and developing mitigation strategies. The use of a risk register for assigning accountability and monitoring mitigation progress is presented.

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This module counts toward PMI Project Development Units (PDUs) through continuing education. Completion Certificates may be submitted to PMI as required to document third-party training.

Target Audience

Early career project managers, leads, engineers, and services personnel who are on field development project teams. This includes operations and facility reps, cost and schedule controllers, and buyers and logistics specialists. This course is also for the business, finance and land reps as well as other non-engineers who would benefit from an overview of oil and gas project and programs.

You Will Learn

  • The four primary steps in the risk management process
  • How a risk severity table is used to rank risks
  • How to identify and evaluate technical and non-technical risks for a shale development project

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Project Management



Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2.5 hours (approx.)