Production Technology Applications


About the Skill Module

This module addresses selected applications which may be put into practice in designing and operating a hydrocarbon asset. Both conventional limestone and sandstone reservoir examples and situations as well as unconventional shale oil and gas reservoirs and various real world applications are presented for discussion. Among various technologies presented are an overview of subsea development, well completion equipment, smart wells and smart field know-how and hardware and software, expandable tubulars, swellable elastomers, produced water shut off chemistry, surveillance practices, and other contemporary production technology advancements regularly utilized in contemporary developments throughout the oilfield.

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Target Audience

Exploration and production technical professionals, asset team members, team leaders, line managers, IT department staff who work with data and support production applications, data technicians, executive management, and all support staff who require a more extensive knowledge of production technology and engineering.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Describe examples of proven, established, historical oilfield industry Production Technology application and practices
  • Describe examples of more recently developed proven, established, oilfield industry Production Technology application and practices
  • Justify establishing superior oilfield data gathering practices and related data quality control, data organization, and data access methods
  • Recall the history of and present day application and advancement of digitalization in the oilfield
  • Explain the diversity of downhole well completion tool applications and the proper selection of completion equipment

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




4.5 hours (approx.)