Production Logging Fundamentals


About the Skill Module

From the most basic wells through intelligent completions, the goal of Production Logging is to achieve an accurate interpretation of downhole tool measurements. This skill module focuses on the description of physical behavior of single and two-phase flow in wells and introduces the conventional interpretation methods and their limitations. The latest developments of production logging tools for application in multiphase flow and highly deviated/horizontal wells are covered in the last section. These tools provide a more detailed and reliable picture of fluid distributions and flow rates and overcome the limitations of conventional tools, which still remain applicable.

This module specifically describes the interpretation methods in single and multiphase flow, and the potential to diagnose possible anomalies downhole, before further action is decided.

It is recommended that the learner have previous knowledge of basic Inflow and outflow concepts, fluid behavior and completion downhole equipment.

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Target Audience

Petroleum engineers, production operations staff, reservoir engineers, facilities staff, drilling and completion engineers, geologists, field supervisors and managers, field technicians, service company engineers and managers, and especially engineers starting a work assignment in production engineering and operations or other engineers seeking a well-rounded foundation in production engineering.

You Will Learn

  • Calibration principles of flowmeter tools
  • The principles involved in interpreting production logging tool data
  • The performance of cased hole logs in multi-phase flow
  • The application of cased hole logs in deviated wells
  • The application of recent advances in cased hole logs in deviated and horizontal wells
  • Actual field applications of production logs in three-phase flow
  • How production logs can assist water shut-off decisions

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




6 hours (approx.)