Oil Stabilization, Sweetening, Storage, and VRU Crude Fundamentals


About the Skill Module

This skill module will provide you with the principles of fractionation stabilization to achieve high quality condensate or crude oil, to maximize the revenue potential of your facility.  The options for tank storage of this product with be reviewed to ensure the correct volumes are in place for process upsets, at the lowest capital and operating cost.  Emissions from the tanks, a growing concern worldwide will be examined, focusing on vapor recovery units to monetize the gases, while providing safety protection to the tankage from over and under pressure excursions.  The Engineering Principles reviewed will help you to examine your facility/design for opportunities to make more revenue, reduce operating costs and reduce fugitive emissions.


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Target Audience

Process/facilities engineers and senior operating personnel involved with the design and operation of oil and produced water processing facilities.

You Will Learn

You will learn how to:

  • Explain what crude oil stabilization is
  • Describe the purpose of stabilization
  • Identify typical stabilized crude specifications, e.g., RVP / TVP, and their basis
  • Describe the commonly used processes for stabilizing crude oil, including the equipment involved and typical operating conditions
  • Identify and explain the purpose and operating conditions of the major equipment items used in the various stabilization processes
  • Describe typical processes, equipment and operating conditions used for removing H2S from crude oil
  • Describe the main types of aboveground storage tanks used for crude oil storage and their applications
  • List the different floating roof types and their applications
  • Describe the evaporative emissions aspects of the different storage tank types
  • Describe the different types of floating roof rim seals and their applications
  • Explain how a Vapor Recovery Unit works and where it is used

Product Details




Process Facilities



Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3 hours (approx.)