Introduction to Geosteering


About the Skill Module

This skill module introduces the skill sets needed to Geosteer a directionally drilled (horizontal) well bore, which is an increasingly important part of the oil and gas industry.

The module starts with a high-level discussion of both the benefits and the risks that geosteering presents to the development plan for the well, emphasizing the importance of proper communication between the disciplines. It then moves on to briefly review the variations in bottom hole assemblies used in directionally drilling. Next, the mechanics of downhole surveys are discussed, as well as Logging While Drilling tools, using exercises to reinforce learnings.

The second part of the skill module introduces azimuthal readings and the modeling of expected tool responses while drilling. Using an example well, participants will be introduced to: ‘real time’ logs, interpreting ahead, and the idea of target windows and target manipulation, all in the context of communicating responsibly with all stakeholders.


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Target Audience

Geoscientists, engineers, team leaders, geoscience technicians, asset managers, and any team members involved in drilling a directional well who need to understand geosteering concepts at a basic level or to communicate with others about it.

You Will Learn

  • The benefits and risks involved in geosteering a directional well
  • The components that make up a bottom hole assembly
  • Key aspects of Directional Drilling and Surveys
  • Azimuthal tool readings and pre-drill modelling
  • Real-time interpretation of log responses and target modification
  • The importance of establishing and maintaining good communications with all stakeholders involved in the well

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3 hours (approx.)