Hydrogen Compression and Storage


About the Skill Module

In this eLearning course, we focus on the critical aspect of hydrogen compression and storage. We will explore the various methods used to compress hydrogen as well as the means for hydrogen storage.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in an awareness of what hydrogen is and how it can be used in various industries to assist in the energy transition to a lower carbon-emitting future.


You Will Learn

  • Recognize the basic principles of compression  
  • Recognize the key methods of hydrogen compression
  • Identify the key attributes and functions of each type of hydrogen compressor
  • Explain the need for hydrogen storage
  • Identify the various methods of hydrogen storage
  • Determine the factors influencing the type of hydrogen storage required

Product Details


Energy Transition


Net Zero & Renewables



Product Type:

Individual Skill Module


On-Demand , Online


2 hours (approx.)