Drilling Fluids and Solids Control


About the Skill Module

Drilling fluids impact all aspects of the drilling operation, including drilling the formations, maintaining a clean and stable wellbore, gathering data from the wellbore, and maximizing productivity of the hydrocarbon resource. Proper selection of a drilling fluid can allow optimum performance in each of these areas. Fluid processing solids control allows cost-effective maintenance of fluid properties. This skill module addresses these topics at an awareness competency level.

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Target Audience

Technical staff, business professionals, technicians, analysts and other non-technical staff who are involved with but have limited experience with drilling operations.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify functions of drilling fluids
  • Explain fluid types and their selection criteria
  • Identify fluid properties, how they are measured, and additives used to control them
  • Explain benefits of solids control, solids control equipment function, and system configuration

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




3 hours (approx.)