Compliance and Pollution Events and Environmental Impacts and Assessments (U.S. Focus)


About the Skill Module

In this skill module, you will learn the US legislation, regulations, and compliance requirements for pipelines. Also discussed are environmental impacts statements and assessment.

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Target Audience

Engineers or Facilities Engineers involved in design, operation, maintenance or construction of pipelines or pipeline facilities.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Explain the background of US environmental legislation, especially the National Environmental Policy Act, and similar legislation around the world
  • Describe some of the history and politics behind the creation of environmental policy
  • Compare and contrast US environmental policy and legislation with that of other energy producing nations
  • Explain how US environmental legislation is implemented by regulating agencies
  • Describe the major aspects of environmental assessments and environmental impact studies
  • Describe the impact of environmental protection laws on pipeline design, permitting, construction, and operations
  • Describe the process in producing an EIS – Environmental Impact Statement in compliance with NEPA
  • Describe from historic cases studies how:
    • Accidents and incidents drive development of codes and regulations in the pipeline business
    • Role of media reporting and public perception of incidents may drive responses both short and long term
    • Events affect the general public, the operator, the industry and regulators
    • Being a linear facility often of considerable length and in multiple jurisdictions, renders control of pipeline facilities more difficult
    • Transparent and exposed pipeline activities are subject to public scrutiny

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2 hours (approx.)