Basic Petroleum Geology – Petroleum System – Overview and Source


About the Skill Module

This skill module is presented in two parts. The first part provides an introduction and overview of the petroleum system concept. The essential elements and processes of a petroleum system are summarized, and the importance of their timing is emphasized and explained. The second part explains the basic concepts of source rock characteristics and quality, as well as the processes of source rock thermal maturation and hydrocarbon generation. The main depositional controls for both siliciclastic shale and carbonate source rocks are also introduced.

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Target Audience

Petroleum industry personnel in need of basic geological training, including engineering, geophysical, technical support, and administrative personnel.

You Will Learn

  • The basic elements and processes of the petroleum system concept
  • The characteristics of high-quality source rocks and the concepts to TOC% (Total Organic Carbon Content) and kerogen type
  • The differences between oil and gas source rocks
  • The different measures for source rock maturity and how these are used to define the hydrocarbon generation history of source rock units
  • The main depositional controls for clastic and carbonate source rocks and the importance of anoxic conditions for the accumulation of organic source rock material

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Individual Skill Module




4 hours (approx.)