Basic Petroleum Geology – Foundation Geological Concepts


About the Skill Module

This module provides an introduction to basic geological concepts that form the foundation for petroleum geology. There are three sections:

  1. The Rock Cycle, focusing on the rocks and minerals that comprise the Earth’s crust
  2. Geologic Time and Stratigraphy
  3. Plate Tectonics and Sedimentary Basin Evolution

Knowledge of these basic geologic concepts is crucial preparation for understanding petroleum geology in the overall process of petroleum exploration and production for both conventional and unconventional resources.

See example Geology eLearning module

Target Audience

Petroleum industry personnel in need of basic geological training, including engineering, geophysical, technical support, and administrative personnel.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • The Rock Cycle, including the three kinds of rocks and how they form
  • How to differentiate between a mineral and a rock, and how to distinguish one mineral from another based on physical properties
  • Key concepts of geological time and the difference between relative and radiometric geological time
  • Stratigraphic principles and the difference between lithostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy
  • How sequence stratigraphic analysis aids in the characterization of petroleum systems
  • Key concepts of plate tectonics, including seafloor spreading and plate margin types
  • The main types of sedimentary basins and their evolution in the context of plate tectonics

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Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




4 hours (approx.)