Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation - HML2


About the Course

Successful multilateral and horizontal wells require new considerations, interdisciplinary planning, and special techniques. This intense course focuses on the critical need for a proper understanding of all aspects of horizontal and multilateral design and completion. It also addresses basic stimulation design and analysis concepts. It is designed for those planning or working with horizontal and multilateral wells and interested in effective use of the latest technology.

Basic understanding of important reservoir characteristics, hole stability, formation damage, crucial zonal isolation, and hydraulic fracturing are just some of the critical issues addressed by this course. Hydraulic fracturing aspects of unconventional resources plays, including conductivity, proppant selection, and practices, are discussed. A combined practical and technical theme is employed, with emphasis on economy and efficiency in designing, completing, and producing horizontal and multilateral wells.

"The group project was good for collaborating and I like how it built on the learnings in the class. Good well rounded class. Thanks!" - Completions Engineer, United States

"I have attended many courses. I have never enjoyed one more." - Operations Engineer

Target Audience

Completion, production, reservoir, and research engineers; geologists; managers in completion, production, drilling, and exploration; others involved in various phases of horizontal and multilateral wells or interested in gaining an interdisciplinary up-to-date understanding of this continually evolving technology.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Successfully design and optimize horizontal and multilateral well completions
  • Engineer wells, taking into account limitations imposed by well bore stability and borehole friction
  • Determine the appropriate zonal isolation methods for horizontal and multilateral wells
  • Identify key components of fracture design and analysis in horizontal wells
  • Design damage removal, stimulation, and workover operations

Course Content

  • Reservoir characteristics for horizontal and multilateral well applications
  • Well performance prediction
  • Wellbore stability of horizontal wells
  • Stress field effect on drilling, completion, production, and stimulation
  • Geosteering
  • Multilateral well structure, junction, and application
  • Formation damage and its effect on horizontal well performance
  • Well completion and its effect on horizontal and multilateral wells
  • Intelligent completion: downhole monitoring and control
  • Well trajectory and completion optimization
  • Horizontal well fracturing
  • Acidizing of horizontal wells
  • Other stimulation methods


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