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About the Course

This course builds a firm foundation in the principles and practices of designing, planning and conducting successful casing and cement jobs. The course uses a process-based perspective that takes participants from initial casing depth and size selection, casing and liner design procedures, casing running practices, and planning and executing primary cementing through remedial cementing and plugging operations. In addition to the necessary technical information and procedures, the course is laced with considerable practical, experience-based content. Participants will be furnished Dr. Byrom's textbook, "Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion," and tools to facilitate routine calculations.

Target Audience

Personnel responsible for planning, overseeing, and conducting casing and cementing operations; operator and service personnel.

You Will Learn

  • Selection of casing sizes and setting depths to achieve well objectives
  • Determination of casing loads for design purposes
  • To design casing properties to meet burst, collapse, and tensile strength requirements
  • To conduct casing running operations safely and successfully
  • Specification of cement slurry properties and volumes to meet well objectives
  • Determination of best procedures for attaining successful primary cementing
  • To conduct stage jobs, squeeze jobs, and set cement plugs

Course Content

  • Selecting casing and hole sizes
  • Setting depths
  • Casing loads
  • Selecting casing and connections
  • Casing stress calculations
  • Cement and cement additives
  • Selecting appropriate slurries
  • Mud removal and cement placement
  • Stage cementing, squeezes, and plugs
  • Preventing gas migration
  • Cementing calculations
  • Cementing equipment
  • Well head equipment

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