Tom Temples

Dr. TOM J. TEMPLES is a consulting geologist and geophysicist with over 30 years of experience in geology, geophysics, health and safety relating to both the petroleum and environmental industries. He is an adjunct professor at Clemson University and was formerly a Research Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina. He has extensive experience in subsurface mapping, seismic stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, seismic interpretation, petroleum geology, and geophysics. He is a former Vice President and Exploration Manager of independent oil producers where he was responsible for exploration and generation of prospects for drilling as well as the risk assessment and budget preparation. Prior to this he was Senior Geotechnical Advisor to the Department of Energy and served in various capacities with Texaco. He received a B.S. from Clemson University, a MS from University of Georgia and a PhD from the University of South Carolina.