Satinder Chopra

MR. SATINDER CHOPRA, MSc, MPhil (Physics) has 27 years' experience as a geophysicist specializing in processing, reprocessing, special processing and interactive interpretation of seismic data. He has rich experience in processing various types of data like VSP, well log data, seismic data, etc., as well as excellent communication skills, as evidenced by the several presentations and talks delivered and books, reports, and papers written. His research interests focus on techniques that are aimed at characterization of reservoirs. He has published 5 books and more than 140 papers and abstracts and likes to make presentations at any beckoning opportunity. His work and presentations have won several awards, the most notable ones being the CSEG Meritorious Service Award (2005), SEG Best Poster Award (2007), CSEG Best Luncheon Talk award (2007) and several others. He is a member of SEG, CSEG, CSPG, EAGE, AAPG, CHOA (Canadian Heavy Oil Association), APEGGA (Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta) and TBPG (Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists). Mr. Chopra holds a Master of Philosophy in Physics (1978) and a Master of Science in Physics (1976).