Rodney Jacobs

DR. RODNEY JACOBS is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control. He has been involved in instrumentation for the last 35 years, and has presented a great deal of workshops in many countries around the world (with most of them being in countries that have an interest in the oil and gas industries). Apart from in-house and public workshops, he has also presented hundreds of internet-based (e-learning) sessions, primarily related to process control and safety. His main area of focus includes PLCs, SCADA, DCS, loop tuning, instrumentation and other areas related to the control of processes. Although his primary focus has always been instrumentation, he does have qualifications in electrical heavy current aspects, and has lectured this at university level. In addition to presenting international seminars, he is also actively involved as a consulting engineer, in his area of expertise. He is a past recipient of the N&Z award, which is one of the highest awards, in the field of instrumentation, in South Africa. Apart from a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, Light Current, he also has an Honors degree in Psychology, and is internationally certified in training and assessment.