Raymond Johnson

DR. RAY JOHNSON has been involved with design, execution, and evaluation of reservoir stimulation treatments for unconventional reservoirs and progressing unconventional projects since 1980, and recent experience and innovations relating to pre-drainage of fluids (i.e., gas and water) for coal mining. Prior to moving to Australia in 1998, Ray had 17 years' experience in engineering and management positions throughout the central US involving stimulation design, execution and evaluation of coals, shales and other naturally fractured reservoirs and in areas encompassing most currently producing US basins. Since arriving in Australia, he has been involved in either senior engineering or management roles in the evaluation, appraisal and development of some of the most successful unconventional projects in Australia spanning several basins. Ray has a PhD in Mining Engineering from the University of Queensland, MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, GD in Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology and BA in Chemistry from Texas A&M University. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Australia School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide and an Adjunct Fellow at the University of Queensland. In both schools he teaches and assists research in the areas of coal seam gas and shale gas. His research area is integrating geomechanical, hydraulic fracturing, and reservoir data to better progress unconventional development projects in non-normal stress regimes in Australia and widespread outside North America.