Phillip Notz

DR. PHIL NOTZ is an offshore industry consultant for flow assurance issues. He worked as a chemical engineer for DuPont from 1968 to 1971, a research scientist and reservoir engineer for Getty Oil Company/Texaco/Chevron from 1978 to 2002. He worked for offshore engineering and construction firms, Doris Inc. (2002-2004) and Technip USA (2004-2008) as flow assurance manager. While at Getty/Texaco, Dr. Notz taught courses in surfactant polymer flooding, reservoir engineering, carbon dioxide flooding, reservoir fluid properties and flow assurance to operations in the US, UK, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia. He was Texaco's representative on the GPA research committee, the Colorado School of Mines Gas Hydrates Consortium and the DeepStar Flow Assurance Committee. Dr. Notz has a BS from the University of Wisconsin in Chemistry (Chemical Engineering minor) and a PhD from Michigan State University in Analytical Chemistry.