Peter Bartok

MR. PETER BARTOK is an Adjunct Professor of Geology at the University of Houston and a Petroleum Exploration Consultant with research interests in unconventional shale resources, complex salt tectonics, and the application of rock physics to exploration. His experience with BP included project management for Latin America and US Chief Onshore Geologist as well as research investigations related to high sensitivity aeromagnetics in Europe, Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. He also performed studies on the role of CO2 and diagenesis in the sub-salt of the southern North Sea. He has evaluated prospects in over 40 basins of the world in Latin America, Europe, China and West Africa. He defined the exploration technique that led to the discovery of the Pinda carbonates in Angola. Mr. Bartok received BS and MS degrees from the State University of New York. He has worked as a geophysicist for over 20 years and has published over 20 articles.